New TLDs

Posted by on June 23, 2014 in News | Comments Off on New TLDs

The internet is about to change forever, with a massive range of new domain name extensions becoming available over the next year.
These extensions, known as new TLD’s, are common words such as .wiki, .club, .blue, .ninja, .rehab and .bike, that you can now make a domain name out of. For example, if you were a builder you could have or if you were pretty sure of yourself you could have!

More than 200 of these new TLD’s will be released before the end of this year alone, with hundreds more still under review by ICANN.

At present new TLD’s are available in the following categories:

  • Business
  • Commerce
  • Education
  • Food & Drink
  • Generic
  • Geographic
  • Government
  • Health
  • Industry
  • Lifestyle & Identity
  • Media
  • Money & Finance
  • Professional
  • Real Estate
  • Sport
  • Technology

Contact us regarding any TLDs that you may be interested in having in addition to your current domain extension and we can check if it’s available. Prices vary from $30.00 through to the most expensive which is .luxury at $600.00!

New TDLs