Search Engines

Internet search engines have become a huge business in their own right. There are many companies code calling website owners offering all types of deals to get you to the top of the Google search engine lists.

Google themselves state that they cannot guarantee that your site will be at the top of their search results but given that your website is built correctly to accommodate this your chances are maximised. We include meta tags into your website code which assist the search engine “robots” to seek out the keyword content that we embed into your pages that will be used to catalogue your website in the many categories and directories. Using the right wording within your site content and keywords will achieve good results.

There are some free search engines that have good amounts of activity and we will add your site to these as well.

But if you want to be guaranteed a top ranking on the Google directories a good option is to utilise Google Adwords and set up several key ads that run on the right hand side of the Google search results pages. You can set a monthly budget for these with a minimum $ amount and you only pay when some one clicks to your site. Yes it’s not free but you control it and it is a lot cheaper option than what you would pay if you sign with someone promising to get you to the top of the Google list.


Social Media

It is a good idea also to join Google Plus+ as you can get listed within the relevant Google Plus+ pages within the Google search directory.

Using Social Media to search out business websites as well as individuals has become more common over the past couple of years with the phenomenal growth of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc etc. Having one or more of these pages set up for your business and linked back to your website can help your bottom line due to the amount of web traffic they generate.