Website Development

The internet has matured as a vital communication medium. Having a website today is an essential tool for any business to enable it to function in this .com world.

With the growing popularity of tablets and the prolific use of other mobile devices such as phones now being used to access the web it is essential that a website be designed to accommodate this vast array of viewers.

And it is these same mobile devices that have made the paradigm shift in the world wide web that has influenced the way we now need to develop a website. is a leading website developer and works toward making sure your website performs for your business. We offer a turnkey package: domain name registration, hosting on a secure commercial web server and design and development that ensures your site looks professional and publishes correctly on all types of devices.

The other important ingredient to any successful website is having the ability to manage the page content yourself. Our sites now come with full content management (CMS) built-in. Training is included within the development price structure to manage pages but for those who want to do more we offer an on-line program at a very competitive price.



To give an accurate quote we need to know what your requirements are. As a guide though a small business website of 4-6 pages is around $360 to design and build.

Email us your business or personal website requirements. You can be guaranteed a very competitive quote. Our pricing also includes some animation of graphics such as a home page slider and java scripts that bring your webpages alive.

If you require something more sophisticated such as a database driven website for an on-line store we will supply a quotation accordingly. Our shopping cart software starts at $250. Naturally all quotes are obligation free.


Domain Names:

We can register the domain name of your choice (if it is available) and package it with your website hosting. Our pricing for this service is very competitive.

Alternatively if you already have a domain name we can point it to your new website. For further information regarding TLDs (Top Level Domains) see the article on our Recent Posts page.



The design of your website is very important. Colors and layout need to reflect your business identity and activity. We normally create a plan showing each page, the content it will contain and how it will be laid out including graphic images which may be displayed as a “slider”.

Graphic images such as header banners and logos have to be created and photos and images edited. The nice things you see in website pages have normally been designed and created in a desktop publishing application program such as Photoshop. Other content can include movies and videos.

Text for the site content can be typeset using any word publishing program or supplied as hard copy. On some sites we have written the text content following interviews with relevant parties involved. When all the text and graphics have been created and stored in a site folder the process of developing the website begins.



Site hosting costs vary greatly from one ISP to another. Be aware that the plan you are considering will allow your site to publish correctly. And just as important you should not be paying for hosting features your site is never going to utilise. Also be wary of any cheap hosting deals you see advertised – read the fine print first as what you think you are getting will most certainly not be what you get!!

We offer hosting plans on a secure commercial server that start from $170 per year (Business 1st – $13.50 per month) which offers unlimited email accounts, 1GB of storage plus 1GB of monthly Bandwidth. This plan is suitable for most websites.

But for those requiring more server space and bandwidth (for online shops using PayPal or Bloggers) we have an additional plan (Business 1st Plus) that caters for this. The price of this plan is $255 per year and comes with a wopping 20Gb of storage space plus unlimited monthly bandwidth.

Our third plan (Business Ultimate) offers the same as the Business 1st plan – PLUS you get your own dedicated IP address and SSL Certificate for any secure hosting requirements such as shopping carts that are not using PayPal or other third party payment gateways.

Our hosting also comes with 24/7 support and Cpanel which enables you to login and have full control over your email accounts, your website files or you may use it to just simply check your site statistics.

Cpanel also has a number of built-in applications such as mailing lists that can be used for mailouts to your customer base with specials or with your latest news. You can also install a forum or blog on your site or a chat room.

On top of that your website files are backed up daily so you have peace of mind. This is especially handy for those website owners who have CMS (content management) and manage the pages themselves.

We also offer FREE transfer of existing websites to our commercial hosting servers.

All hosting can be packaged with the domain name of your choice (example: $80 for 2 years. Or you can leave your domain name with your preferred registrar.


Search Engines:

Internet search engines have become a huge business in their own right. There are many companies code calling website owners offering all types of deals to get you to the top of the Google search engine lists.

Google themselves state that they cannot guarantee that your site will be at the top of their search results but given that your website is built correctly to accommodate this your chances are maximised. We include meta tags into your website code which assist the search engine “robots” to seek out the keyword content that we embed into your pages that will be used to catalogue your website in the many categories and directories. Using the right wording within your site content and keywords will achieve good results.

There are some free search engines that have good amounts of activity and we will add your site to these as well.

But if you want to be guaranteed a top ranking on the Google directories a good option is to utilise Google Adwords and set up several key ads that run on the right hand side of the Google search results pages. You can set a monthly budget for these with a minimum $ amount and you only pay when some one clicks to your site. Yes it’s not free but you control it and it is a lot cheaper option than what you would pay if you sign with someone promising to get you to the top of the Google list.

With the prolific amount of website visitors now accessing the net using their mobile phone it is important that your website publishes correctly on these type of devices.


You can also have your very own mobile phone APP that visitors can either download from itunes or Google Play or just use to bookmark your site on their mobile.